Monday, January 07, 2008

Iowa Post Mortems, etc...

Swopa has a post up at commenting on a recent NYT op-ed by Gail Collins. In reference to the youth appeal of Obama described by Kevin Drum in this post, Swopa writes:

"...if you lived through the 1990s and saw how Bill Clinton campaigned on hope and ending partisan divisions, only to be dragged through the mud in epic fashion, it's hard to view Obama's rise without a tinge of dread."

That's true, but maybe it's worth taking another crack at it. Maybe the accidental wisdom that falls out of the mouths of babes will make a difference this time. Maybe the whole system is so broken that the wisdom that comes from long experience in that system is actually a detriment. Maybe not fully understanding the impending challenges can sometimes allow the newbie to make bold moves that the seasoned veteran would shy away from...

...ah, screw it. This optimism is just not me. I'm going back to cynicism.

Duck and cover, everybody. We're doomed either way.

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