Friday, November 30, 2007

Islamic Hardliners are Crybabies and Bullies

You know, if you're so thin-skinned and hyper-sensitive that any perceived insult or slur on your religion causes you to boil over into an indignant fury that can only be assuaged by beating someone to death, then you deserve to be ridiculed, mocked and punched real hard in the sack. I mean to jail some teacher and then deport her because she allowed the children in her class to name a teddy bear Muhammad is just plain absurd. And to gang rape a woman (and her male friend, I might add) because she was believed to be having an affair is so sick and twisted I can't even begin unravel that Freudian atrocity. And to publicly murder some young lads because they're into each other, or stone a women to death because she may have been a little on the trampy side, it's medieval nonsense. I mean the only thing that should not be tolerated is that sort of intolerance.

Apparently, the prosecution in the teddy bear case wanted to pin the more serious charge of inciting religious hatred on the teacher (she got off with just "insulting the faith of Muslims"). Now I ask you, what could possibly incite more religious hatred than to aggressively persecute someone for a small breach of religious protocol? And where exactly is the line? Surely there are people named Muhammad. Should their parents be flogged for naming their children after the prophet? What if you named your beloved pet Muhammad? Would you be stoned to death for that? I've never been the sort of guy who names his penis (mainly because I think it's moronic), but henceforth my dick is now my muhammad.

I await your old-school Islamic gang rape.

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