Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wagnerian Twists and Turns

John Hawkins at Right Wing News, has stumbled upon what he sees as a plot involving Mark Kleinman and Oliver Willis. Mark and Oliver, believing their respective cats are out of their respective bags, offer up confessions (ostensibly to throw Hawkins off the scent). But what Mark and Oliver don't realize is that they are actually siblings separated during infancy and raised separately to protect their identities. Furthermore, Osama Bin Laden is their father (if they would search their feelings they would know it to be true). Soon, they will both be tempted to give in to the dark side and unleash their anger. We can only hope that when the Sith lord who controls Bin Laden, attacks the two young fools for their unwillingness to join him, Osama will respond to their cries for help with the last shred of humanity left to him and cast the Sith into a bottomless pit, receiving a mortal wound during the struggle. Then we can finally lay him to rest with the honor he had so long ago forsaken, and move on with our lives.

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adaplant said...

So long as Natalie Portman is involved, however tangentially, I'm down witcha.